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Wyrd 2 The Wiki - volume 4 of the Liquid Books Series of the Open Humanities Press, this a continually evolving meditation on wiki ontologies. Evolve it


ConvergentEmergence volume 2 and Composition is a Community Happening - 2010 wiki scaffold. 2 classes, 1 wiki. Advanced Composition (ENC 4311) and an ENC 1102 LLS Community.


USFSP Philanthropy Board #9 Spring 2010: this technical writing collective--comprised of advocates, documenteers, and a student philanthropy board--researched the most critical needs of the nonprofit sector in Pinellas County, wrote a notification of funding opportunity, evaluated proposals from diverse nonprofit organizations, and awarded $5,000 to a grant written by Pinellas Coalition for the Homeless.


convergent emergence Fall 2009: fiction is not false when ENC 4311 converges with ENC 6319. Overcoming the corrective, surrendering to the collective--in our right writing, our wrong writing, and sometimes even song writing.


N.A.T.U.R.E club - USFSP's student organization dedicated to natural and transcendental universal reality exploration. "Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning, and under every deep a lower deep opens."--Emerson


Piloting Pedagogies Fall 2008 : grant-supported and student-drive community literacy projects including a partnership with Midtown St. Pete's Mt. Zion Human Services. Spring 2009: this wiki evolves into the USFSP Writing Program wiki hub for Technical and Professional Writing courses.


ENC 3310 Game Culture students in ENC 3310: Expository Writing investigate, participate in, and creatively alter discourses of new media culture with special attention to to gaming communities, which, like games themselves, are vital rhetorical systems.


Freshman Summer Institute ENC 1101 - students in USFSP's FSI take a derive to Williams Park, research local nonprofits, and make movies in this 6 week crash course in composition.


First Year Composition Fall 2008 Comp I and Comp II students tackle the rhetoric of sustainability, economics, propaganda, and more.


ENC 1102: Comp II/Sustainable Identities - composing the noosphere, Summer 2008, Fall 2009, Composition is a Happening in Spring 2010!


ENC 4260 Advanced Technical Writing, Spring 2008


ENC 1101 Freshman Composition, Spring 2008


Making a Mesh of Things a K-12 technology grant and a graduate course in rhetoric and technology, Fall 2007.


IDH 4000: Honors Seminar rehearsing the rituals of contemporary compositional practice


Zine Culture expository writing course exploring 'zine culture and compositional technique


ENC 3250 Professional Writing socially conscious business ventures, legal documents pertaining to same-sex marriage, nonprofit information awareness campaigns, charters for students with new financial responsibilities, campus NORML, lobbying strategies, a reappraisal of placebo techniques in medicine, rehearsing professional communication for our age of distributed work, and more


ENC 2210: Technical Communication Ecologies technical writing solutions emerge from recursive communicative performances with words, images, sound, and, most importantly, links.


ENC 4311 Advanced Composition cluster-composing at USFSP


Da Grasshopper Lies Heavy Spoken Wyrd Remix Opera



Yage Camera Admixture - a sonic commons


mycompwiki - diverse wikis link to this hub--a mobius/shareriff collaboration with mycomplab


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